Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the conference staff?

Please email Lauren Phillips, for conference information. She is the conference organizer. After the conference deadline, the attendees will receive cell phone and text contact to use during the event.

Do I stay for the entire conference or only my presentation?

You may stay for the entire conference. Students are encouraged to attend all conference sessions and participate and network actively throughout the event. Presenters are only obliged to attend their presentation times and the day’s keynote speech.

Will conference proceedings be published?

A review of the conference, info cluding keynote speeches, conference sessions, paper titles and panels, and select papers will be published online.

Will conference proceedings be on video?

Select speeches, presentations, and discussions will be on video and uploaded and available online.

Are any meals included in my conference registration?

Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast and lunch are included in the presenter conference registration.

What should I wear?

Presenters should be in business attire. Guests/observers should wear dressy casual clothing, school uniforms, or other appropriate dress for an academic conference at a college or university.