Conference Registration – Presenter

General registration information

All attendees must register individually.

If students propose a panel discussion, each person should list other panelists on their email registration.

By submitting your paper, you agree to be available to participate/present at any scheduled session during the two-day conference. Requests for specific presentation dates and times cannot be accommodated.

There is no registration fee for presenters.

The registration deadline is February 7, 2016. 


Deadlines, Dates, Details

The registration submission deadline is February 7, 2016. You must have the following submitted at this time to Lauren Phillips,

  1. Email registration and contact form. This includes name, school, grade, mailing address, email address, cell phone number.
  2. Paper title page, teacher support information, and paper (8 pages, including bibliography as a minimum). Please note if you are submitting 1 or 2 papers and include the paper title(s). Please note if the paper is for an individual presentation, a group presentation, or a multimedia presentation. If it is for a group discussion presentation, please note if you are arranging the panel (no more than 4 panelists) or requesting that the conference place you on a panel. List the other panelists if you are arranging the panel. You will be notified of the other panel paper titles if the conference arranges your discussion panel.
  3. You may request an extension to February 17, 2016 for paper submission. You will receive a February 18 notice of your application confirmation if you request an extension.
  4. Students are not obliged to submit a paper, although there is a role for students (with a paper) as part of a group presentation. You may participate in a panel discussion or make a multimedia presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi), submitting extensiov discussion notes as part of a discussion group or may present a digital file as part of a group multimedia presentation. Simply include the area of interest for discussion (for example, “nuclear energy” or “non-proliferation”) or the title of your multimedia presentation and a 100-125 word abstract describing your approach to the issue, as well as the discussion notes and electronic file. Please contact conference staff to ensure that you meet participation guidelines if you do not submit a paper.

The conference reserves the right to accept to reject any proposed paper/presentation.